D.G. is proud to have an extensive global network of companies and partners who supply the most reliable, high-quality petroleum and gas products all around the world.


Our company is committed to providing our customers with a reliable supply of petroleum and gas products. The company’s goal is to develop long-term business relationships with its partners and customers. In addition, D.G. manages a worldwide distribution network for the mentioned products.

D.G. has attained adequate experience in Purchasing, Selling, and Transit of Petroleum distillates and Gas products for years. Having a close relationship with N.I.O.C and state-owned refineries enabled us to meet our customer’s requirements with competitive prices and in a specific time frame.

petroleum and gas

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Some of the products in this range are:

  • Crude Oil (Heavy & Light)
  • Bitumen (all grades)
  • Sulphur Granular
  • Gasoil (ppm 10, 50, 2500, 5000, 7000)
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel Oil 380
  • Hydrocarbon
  • LPG

D.G. has a large share in the natural gas distribution and is highly involved in natural gas production. D.G. manages and operates all stages of natural gas supply from locating gas wells, site development, drilling, extraction, processing, storage, and distribution. Our company provides numerous regions with natural gas products, through our reputable network of distribution and transportation pipelines.

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